Friday, December 25, 2009

Is The Time Right?

Is the time right...?

This week has been exciting, with the debut of Avatar. (Wait, this is not a movie review. In fact, I've yet to see the movie!)

What this is about is going for it.

James Cameron had the idea for Avatar at least a decade ago. He wrote the treatment for the movie back in the 90s. (Yeah, last century!)

Until now, technology didn't exist to create his vision.

So, what dream have you had on the back burner because the time wasn't right? Perhaps techology didn't exist that would help you create what you wanted. Perhaps you didn't have enough time or money. Maybe you were just paralyzed by fear.

But you have a dream, an idea, something cooking on the back burner. And I'm the time right now?

One person responded to this question by saying he'd leave the country, maybe via a cruise, for the first time. Another said he wanted to take a trip with his wife, the honeymoon they'd never had. Another is actually going to start writing. Another is going to complete a web site. One person said this is the year she pays off the last of that credit card debt.

I'm not talking about a resolution or a new habit, something you might beat yourself up about later.

What I am talking about is a dream, something intense and real, something you want to create.

And I'm asking, again, is the time right?

If so, here's to you, here's to "going for it," here's to your Avatar!